We geek out on figuring out how to make the home loan you have better. The reasons people refinance are as diverse as the clients we serve.


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Here are a few of the top reasons to refi:
  1. Lower your rate – interest rate markets are constantly changing. Refinancing to a better interest rate could save you some serious money.
  2. Shorten your term – most people opt for a 30-year mortgage option, but there are shorter terms available, and people are often floored by how muh a shorter term can save them.
  3. Consolidate debt – credit cards, student loans, personal loans, etc. – the normal demands of life can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed with payments. Consolidating your debt into your mortgage may be a great way to feel like you are back on top of things.
  4. Finance home improvements – we have financed everything from basements to pools to outbuildings. If it improves the value of your home, we can help you make your project a reality.
  5. Get cash – debt consolidation and home improvements aren’t the only reasons our clients have to access the equity they have in their home. We have flexible options to meet a wide variety of financing needs.

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